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Safe and Sanitary Toilets

Chennai, India - Collaboration with Ashraya 


Most of us don’t think twice before flushing our toilet. Yet for many in the developing world, this is not something they will ever access. The lack of hygienic toilets can lead to diseases and chronic unhealthy conditions which disproportionately affect girls and women.


According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), 2.6 billion people, in many developing countries people use open or uncovered latrines and some even defecate in the open. Ashraya is a residential shelter in Chennai, India, for women and their children who have been displaced for various reasons like domestic violence and abuse. They are funded by Andhra Mahila Sabha, an established charitable organization serving women and children. Yet the facilities are very basic and about 50 women share two outdoor toilets. MATCH fundraised $1500 to build 6 toilets, within their residential building, for the residents of Ashraya.


Unified Sports

Manassas, Virginia - Prince William County Public Schools

For young people with disabilities, participating in a sport has both physical and mental benefits and allows them to grow socially and emotionally. Unified Sports promote social inclusion through athletics by bringing together people with and without special needs or intellectual


MATCH UP collaborates with Colgan High School and Prince William County Public Schools leadership in promoting and expanding Unified Sports at our school through various projects. 

Baby Shower Gifts_edited.jpg

Mommy & Me 
Personal Package Project

U.S Packages will contain: Diapers and wipes, Vaseline, Alcohol swabs, Q tips, and cotton balls, Saline spray and nasal suction bulb, Vitamin D drops and acetaminophen (Tylenol), Short baby shirts, Pacifier and pacifier holder, Lanolin and hand lotion, Post-natal pads​ ($70)

Venezuelan Packages will contain: Diapers, Baby blanket, towel, jumpsuit, socks, and onesie, Feeding bottle, 1 lb. bags of rice and beans, Powdered milk carton, Tub to bathe baby and deliver items in. ($50)

Indian Packages will contain:

Diapers, Baby soap, Baby shampoo, Coconut oil, Horlicks nutritious drink, Dates, and Millets porridge mix ($30)

If you would to sponsor one or more packages we can accept monetary donations here (link to donate page) or contact us regarding item donations here (link to contact page)

Becoming a new mother is a transformative and tumultuous experience in a woman’s life. It is a period of growth and vulnerability for the new mom and baby, and it is also a time of specific needs as a new mother welcomes her new person into the world. Yet not all moms and babies are fortunate to have their needs met. Across the globe, and even here at home in the United States, we find blatant racial and socioeconomic disparities in maternal and infant health.


At MATCH UP we want to make a difference by contributing a Mommy-and-Me care package with items ranging from newborn diapers to hand lotion for the busy new mom. 


We are looking to impact moms and babies locally and globally. Our outreach ranges from pediatrician practices in the underserved neighborhoods of Washington DC to prenatal clinics in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. We will serve women’s shelters in our local small towns like Dale City and in impoverished areas of Chennai, India. 


We aspire to create a planet where the birth of every child can be celebrated, and every new Mom can be supported regardless of race, culture, or class. 



In our quest to obtain diaper donations (for our Mommy-and-Me baskets) we stumbled upon the company, Healthy Baby, and found that they had a LOT of diapers they were willing to donate. After a tremendous planning and support from our awesome volunteers, MATCH UP received 4,752 packages of diapers, valued at $144,768!!! We facilitated a huge donation to the DC Diaper Bank and to Catholic Charities of Washington DC but we have many, many more diapers to give away.

Stay with us as we continue this story via the Diaper Diaries. We have created a “Diaper Hotline”, where needy families can request a donation online!


Push for Prenatal Vitamins!

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health women who take vitamins during pregnancy may enhance their child’s cognitive abilities at age 9-12 by up to a year of schooling. And research also shows that roughly a third of children in low-and middle-income countries don’t reach basic milestones in cognitive and socioemotional growth.


While such outcomes are multifactorial, MATCH UP wanted to mitigate at least some of the effects of poor nutrition and prenatal factors by doing a prenatal vitamin drive for our partner organization, Ambulatory Hospital Andres Eloy Blanco, located in Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

Moms and Newborns Trying to Stay Warm
Homes after the Earthquake

MATCH UP Brings Relief Efforts to Nepal after Earthquake

On November 3rd, 2023, a devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Jajarkot, Nepal, claiming the lives of over 150 people and leaving many more injured and in distress. Working with one of our advisors, Mr. Bibhaw Pokharel, MATCH UP aims to bring our Mommy-and-Me care packages to families residing in nine different wards in Jajarkot, namely Sadhlagni, Talegaun, Dadabhautta, Taggachhaur, Gaharachhaur, Simalgaun, Gamauri, Malutara, and Paik. These areas have been identified as priority zones for intervention based on the severity of damage and vulnerability of the population.

Our care packages will include a range of essentials, with special emphasis on maternal and child health care, recognizing the heightened vulnerability of mothers and young children in the aftermath of such disasters. Care Packages will include: diaper cloths, baby wrap, baby blanket, baby powder, soap, lotion, baby oil, Vaseline, wipes, one set of woolen clothing.


Given the remote and mountainous location of the affected areas, cost of transportation will also have to be covered bringing the cost of each package up to $38/ package. We hope to serve approximately 70 young infants and moms and 60 additional expectant mothers. 


Let’s Rush into the New Year with Reading!


MATCH UP is excited to partner with Park Pediatrics on yet another amazing initiative. We are launching a book drive so that families at Park Pediatrics and receive an age-appropriate new book for patients 0 months to 5 years at each well child checkup. We would also love to support their literacy rich waiting rooms with books for all patients, from newborns to 18 year olds. 


Access to books and literacy programs at an early age can foster essential cognitive skills such as language acquisition, critical thinking, and problem-solving, laying a strong foundation for academic success. Emotionally, reading allows children to explore their feelings and develop emotional intelligence, aiding in effective communication and conflict resolution. Additionally, it provides a sense of empowerment and self-esteem, as literacy opens doors to knowledge and opportunities that can break the cycle of disadvantage often experienced by minority communities, ultimately fostering greater social inclusion and equity.


So please donate any new books for the 0-5 years range or gently used books for 0-18 years range. We are happy to pick up your book donations!

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